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(Possibly not safe for work? Adult topic)Minor Op!

Hello again, I have been keeping myself busy.  Tristan is now almost 7 months old now and we are moved into a new 3 bedroom home.  Its been very busy the last month or so.  The topic of this blog post is not horrible, I wasn’t in any danger but my younger audience should stop reading now, you don’t need to know about this sort of thing until you grow up. 🙂

No really, this is grown up talk about operations and stuff.  Come back when I post about Minecraft or something? <3

This is our current situation,  We have 3 children now, all boys.  2 of them are deaf.  It would be irresponsible for us to have any further children.  Even if we ignore the fact we have 3 boys, there is still the issue of 2 of our children having a (likely) genetic predisposition to deafness, so after conversations with my wife about the situation, it was decided it was far safer and easier if I were to have the snip(aka a vasectomy).

Its a simple operation.  The doctor injects you down stairs with a local anesthetic and cuts a tiny (5mm) hole and then locates the 2 tubes that deliver semen from your testes.  They are then cauterized(cut with heat) which seals the ends of the tubes and after 3 months you should be unable to reproduce \o/.

There are various problems that can occur and unfortunately last week during my operation I ran into one.  The swelling got so bad they could not continue.  This is why I’m in so much discomfort at the moment.  That and the fact I can’t take anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen.

I wanted to write about this because I feel like its important topic to cover.  At some point I will need to go back and have the operation again with another consultant and I don’t know how that will turn out but I intend to still go through with it even though its regularly feeling like a kick to the groin area.  The only other option would be for my wife to go through an operation and that would be a far more serious operation than the one I’ve had.  I hope to keep this updated.  I think its really important that even though I am not having the best experience, if you’ve had your kids and don’t intend to have any more it might give you peace of mind to at least look into the procedure.

I may also move family related posts to another site to keep them seperate but for now this is what I have so for now keep an eye out! most of my posts I link to on twitter.



Tristan Update!

As promised, here is the update on our new born son.

Tristan was born late January. His mum was suffering with gestational diabeties and had a lot of fluid in the sac. The decision was made to deliver him a few days early to avoid a natural birth so we could be in the delivery suite just in case something went wrong. This was started Thursday and finished Friday. The most likely complication due to the extra fluid is when the waters broke, the force of all that fluid coming out would pull the baby down the birth canal and if the cord was between baby and canal, that could cause the baby to become stuck and cut off the oxygen supply to Tristan.

We were concerned but the midwifes and doctors on that evening were amazing. Tristan was born with no real issues, he had a full head of jet black hair and we are both very happy with him. Within 2 days, we were ready to head home. We packed every thing up, went home and spent the next few days enjoying our baby.

We both noticed a little shortness of breath after a feed and on the Thursday, we started having trouble getting milk into him. We called Alice(our trainee Midwife, who also delivered Tristan), and she came round to see what was up and noticed that Tristan had a prominent Stridor. Stridor is a type of breathing that focuses less on the lungs and more on the diaphram. Instead of feeling like you were expanding or contracting your lungs, imagine it looks like your trying to expand and contract your lungs from your diaphram. His rib cage at this stage is still very flexible so it bends noticeably when he breaths with Stridor.

Due to how serious this could be (shortness of breath, struggling eating) he was taken into hospital in an ambulance with his mum and I followed in the car. Tristan had to be tube fed for the next month on and off. he had a multitude of tests done, After several days of tests and some exploratory operations, he was diagnosed with laryngomalasia. This is a malformation of the larynx where the valve that regulates flow between the lungs, stomach and throat is floppy and can cause problems breathing and reflux during and after feeds. We have to feed him more often and be careful afterwards that he doesn’t bring it back up. He has regular doses of gaviscon and omiprazole for the reflux, This can also be a challenge to get into him.

Tristan spent a month in hospital with his mum. I spent that time home with the 2 boys and taking trips every 2-3 days to keep mum supplied with clean clothes and whatever food/drink she needed. Mum missed Harrison’s 10th birthday. We both missed valentines. We did what we could. During this time I was also doing my assignments and getting them in for my degree. Tristan had a number of different procedures including a swallow test (I had something similar involving a barium milkshake. horrible).

One key test that was late but eventually done was his hearing test. Unfortunately, he has also been diagnosed with hearing loss similar to his brother who has a mixed moderate hearing loss. A couple of weeks ago, Tristan received his hearing aids. He is doing really well with his hearing aids. All things considered, he is an incredibly calm, happy little baby with a cheeky little smile when ever he sees us. Despite all the tests, he is still happy, and if he is happy, then so are we.

Hope this helps explain the situation that’s been going on, I know I’ve posted a few things on twitter etc. but this is my first attempt to put into words what we have been through in the last 3-4 months.

I’d just like to thank the nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, consultants, etc. for looking after Tristan. With out you, he would not be here right now! <3

Thank you if you have been reading this far 🙂

Professional Update of professionalism

Good morning! its currently late on Thursday morning and I’ve logged into the site after not even looking at it for months and its time to turn this site into somewhere I can keep useful links about the projects i’m working on all together.  This is important to me because its time I started organising things a little better.  Before I can do that of course, I have a few bits of news to share with everyone!

  1. I am no longer working at McDonalds! This is great news! my back is much more manageable. I’ve not been on prescription pain killers for 18 months!
  2. I am studying for a foundation degree in computing.  This means web design, java, business stuff.  I am coping with most of it, but there are a few topics where i’m actually having to exersize my brain.
  3. I have several mods on curseforge now.  The biggest is Simple Barrels.  Last time I looked (a few days ago) it was at around 1.17 million downloads.  That’s right.  over a million.  Its NUTS.
  4. I just released BeimCraft 2.0.  Its missing a couple of minor features but those will be addressed, they needed it for this week.  I’m going to write a reflective piece on what went wrong and what went right for this project to see how the experience can be used to produce better work.
  5. I’m actively researching all the technology I need to understand in order to get an interactive stream working on beam.  Beam is microsoft’s streaming platform of choice they bought last year.  Its pretty awesome and I’m a big fan.  Many of the friends i’ve made in the community either work for beam, are partnered streamers or stream on there for fun.  They are all awesome people.  I’ve had this interactive idea for months and now that Interactive 2.0 is available I can finally make some headway with the project.  Should be a lot of fun!
  6. I’m looking for someone to partner with on a project.  One of the things I know I need to improve is working with others – all the projects I’ve worked on in the past have been solo projects.
  7. I’m actively working for development work. I’m flexible and open minded. Also due to being a first year uni student, i’m cheap too!
  8. As (yet another) side project, i’m looking at how to implement server side plugins for large scale servers.  The aim is to be able to create content like hypixel and wynncraft.  That is a long way off obviously but its on my list of things to do!
  9. I’m waiting for the minecraft windows 10 edition API to drop for modding using C#.  When it does, I want to start to produce content for the Minecraft Marketplace.

For those wondering, my wife had a 9 pound baby boy back in January and he is called Tristan.  There will be a seperate post about that 😉

More to come!



aka WorkshopCraft

IndieGogo update and I need a new back. I mean Job.

Hi guys! The Indiegogo campaign now has a mere 16 days left before it fails.  That’s right.  The total currently stands at £35/£16200.  That is not getting funded in 2 weeks.  I have done all I can.  I’ll let the campaign end on its own. I wont extend it and i am actively searching for another job.

What this means?

I will continue to make mods.  However, due to the nature of the jobs I need to apply for, I need to update my skills.  The last time i built a website, it was normal and expected to use VBScript for an site.  These days its c#.  Something to adapt to. It will take time and training/practice.  That means less time to mod.  I know i was asking for funding to increase my hours modding.  What I should of also mentioned was that not getting funding means my availability to mod goes down.  Quite a bit.  At least until I have secured a job less stressful on my back.


The biggest stress on my back is a night shift.  This weekend I have 3.  I will be working 8 hours per shift.  That’s 2 hours more than most of my shifts. There are less staff, I’ll probably be expected to lift items that could damage the muscles in my back.  I am limited with options.  I’ve already explained the situation, the person who arranges shifts at work knows exactly how scared I am that my back will fail on a night shift.  I have 4 more to look forward to next week back to back.  I pride myself on being good with numbers. I can see the next week breaking me. badly.  I have to pay my bills. So i have to at least try and do these shifts.  If they break me then we are going to struggle.  I can’t legally/safely take pain killers at work or to get to work.  I can’t take them and then do a school run (one of the few things i really need to be able to do at moment).  I’m scared and trapped and not sure where to turn.  Writing this, its not really for any reason other than a means to vent/cope with the situation.  talking about this situation wont change the outcome of the indiegogo. It wont magically fix my shifts or my back.  I just want you guys to know that if/when it all goes sideways, i really wanted to continue streaming, I really wanted to continue making great content for you guys too.  I don’t even know if I can get another job that will be helpful for my back.  I will have to focus on trying to do so however.

love you all for all the support you’ve shown, with donations, indiegogo support, advice and being good friends.  I hope I am worthy of such a great community, sometimes I feel like i’m not.  You guys help pick me back up again.

I also want to say something about my wife.  She’s pregnant, 19 weeks 3 days.  We had the 20 week scan today to check for any problems. Everything looks GOOD.  I just want to take a moment to thank her for her support over the last 2 years.  My back was tolerable until a month ago, now its just a weakened mess.  She’s been there.  She knows as well as I do how stressful this is.  We need money coming in.  If my back completely fails we wont have enough money coming in, so the pain i go through. The pain i am feeling right now, from the moment I wake until the moment i flop into bed is for her, my 2 boys and our unborn child.  Because I need to provide for them and I love them all very much.  I’m doing everything I can and i’m afraid, right now that soon, it wont be enough anymore.

Thanks for reading this if you got this far. 😉

Full Time Minecraft Mod Dev Campaign 12hr stream!

This weekend I will be hosting a 12 hour stream to try and raise awareness for the campaign i’m currently running on IndieGoGo where i’m trying to become a full time mod developer. I’ve got a fixed goal of £16,200 which is minimum wage + the fees. I hope that between now and the deadline in just 3 1/2 weeks I will be able to fully fund this campaign with your help. As always if you cant contribute, please share the campaign – it will help!

Stream will start at 10pm UK time and run for 12 hours with short breaks during the stream. As always, if goals are met, i’ve got games/music to give away as well as some special goals that I don’t normally have during a stream aimed at suprising viewers when the campaign hits specific goals.

I will be playing some minecraft, showing off some of my mods and pushing some updates to mods to give them more content.

Beam Goals

  • 400 Followers – Giveaway – Game + i’ll sing
  • 450 Followers – Giveaway – Game
  • 500 Followers – Giveaway – Game + music + i’ll sing

YouTube Goals

  • 100 Followers Giveaway – Game
  • 200 Followers Giveaway – Game
  • 300 Followers Giveaway – Game + Music + i’ll sing

IndieGogo Goals

  • 100 Backers – Giveaway – Game
  • 200 Backers – Giveaway – Game
  • 300 Backers – Giveaway – Game + Music + i’ll sing (srsly i need other stupid options here)
  • 10% of target – Giveaway – Game
  • 25% of target – Giveaway – Game
  • Every 10 backers i’ll create a piece of thank you artwork
  • 100% target – Giveaway – 3 months Minecraft Hosting

Donation Goals – This money will go towards building a custom streaming room, clearing our bedroom for when baby arrives!

  • £100/£150/£200/£250/£300/£350/£400/£500(every £50 after this) – Game Giveaway
  • £250 – Game Bundle Giveaway
  • £500 – 3 months Minecraft Hosting
  • £1000 – Game Bundle Giveaway + 3 months Minecraft Hosting
  • £1000 single donation – I’ll write you a mod >.<

Dont forget to follow me on , and

By following these, you could help trigger a bunch of giveaways at the beginning of the stream! 😀

GameJam’s and me

Its been months since i last entered a game jam and years since i posted something i’d consider an actual game. I’d like to remedy this soon – I missed out on LDJam but will see if there are any fun game jams or possibly #1Gam could be a good outlet. Will let you know what I decide. Game Jams are a great way to keep your brain exersized, both in terms of problem solving/math skills as well as soft skills like creativity and originality. This in turn means better content for the mods I develop. I’ll let you guys know what/when i start working on something.  Should be fun.

Speak soon!


So, next Friday i take my wife to the hospital for a scan. This is our second baby scan. Baby is approximately 4 months gone and is expected around the end of January 2017. I’m super excited and wanted to talk a little about what will happen. During the 2 weeks after the baby is born i’ll have paternity leave. This means 2 weeks, no streams, no mod development. I may push out patches to fix bugs but once I come back my schedule will likely change slightly to help out my wife. This may mean night time streams to fit in around feeds or it may mean slightly shorter streams and off camera development in the evenings. It all depends on whatever schedule works. Other than schedule adjustment, I don’t see any other problems.


Stream Schedule Week 5-11-16

Just so you guys have a heads up, i’m going to be streaming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the week beginning 5-11-16 between 10am-2pm, I would also be streaming on the Friday but we have our second scan – Baby is close to being half way! Only 5 months to go. If we are done early enough, i will likely pop on for a shorter stream to share the scan picture etc. Streams this week will likely be preparing updates for several mods. Bonus streams will be announced on twitter so be sure to follow me on there too.

Indiegogo full time minecraft mod developer campaign

I’ve had a busy weekend, but now i’m close to being able to start streaming again to help promote this campaign.  To start things off with a bang, i’m currently finalising the details for a 12 hour stream over on beam and youtube gaming.  During the stream, i’ll be showing off the projects i’m currently working on as well as some concept work for other projects I have planned.  I hope you can make it!  There should be some giveaway’s and i’ll try and get some friends to help out with the stream too.  Don’t forget, you don’t have to contribute to the campaign but if you can promote it via social media that would be super helpful.  This campaign is all or nothing.  If i don’t hit that target, i wont get a penny, which means I can’t quit my job and devote full time to mod development.  I will post an announcement on twitter in next 24 hours to confirm when the stream will be held – follow me on to see when it will be.

Also, don’t forget to spread the link ––2

IndieGoGo is GoGo!

The IndieGoGo campaign is now live! I’m super excited and I hope you are too.  Over the next month i’ll be live streaming to show the kind of work i’ll be doing and show off the up coming content.  I’m also working in a full time job so until this campaign is fully funded I cant take steps to change that.  After being knocked back by kickstarter, i’m super excited to make this campaign work so start spreading the news! go! go! go! 😛