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Minecraft Modding Update 12/07/2016

So this is my first BLOG for  I’m going to keep things segregated somewhat, so updates for the stuff i’m working on plus anything thats slowed things down will be posted here, then there is a News section on the site for any mod releases and I’m considering putting a pain diary on here but I may push that to another seperate “site” on

Hi guys, I thought i’d post a quick update on how things are going.  The weekend was busy with work (and pain levels were quite high – this is still ongoing), and last 2 days i’ve not got a lot done, HOWEVER.  I’ve isolated the problem with Simple Barrels lagging things like crazy and as soon as i have a fix, i’ll post an update.  I should be adding a couple more features so the barrels start off much cheaper and there will be more options for them soon as well.

More Foods : Lots to do here still. Yet to add the new meals, around 75 crop models, a dozen or so crops.  All seeds are done, The water bucket is missing its model at moment. The campfire is being gutted and rewritten to use capabilities with a Heat API so that other items can make use of heat (as well as maybe attaching heat capabilities to e.g. lava).  Lots more ideas to come too.

I’ve recently run into problems with a few mods being ported to 1.10.x that don’t use capabilities not working with the barrels, specifically a pipe mod that was simple and to the point but which would not work at all because it didnt know how to insert items into my barrels.  Because of this i’m likely to put a simple pipe mod together to use with the barrels.  Will let you guys know.

Stay Crafty guys!


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