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Simple Barrels Update 16-7-16

Hey guys, just a quick update here, yesterday i felt like simple barrels was getting close to being ready for the FTB guys to at least take a look at it and see what they think. The upshot is they like it, and will be putting the mod into the FTB Unstable modpack over on curseforge early next week! So keep an eye out over on curseforge for the update (should be some time tuesday hopefully) and i’ll be sure to let everyone know when I see it.

I’m super excited and having a few days to polish things a little, i’m going to go ahead and see if i can implement the upgrades system.  This will make it easier to make early game barrels but still have the nice features the barrels have for later on in the game(e.g. tracking contents when you’ve been to the nether and got some quartz). I am also going to TRY and add reskinning items that allow you to modify any barrel so it has the finish of another barrel (e.g. so you can change an oak barrel into a forestry teak barrel).  I want players to have flexibility with the barrels but maintain balance.  At the same time I am also going to give modpack creators the power to modify the balance and features available.  As always i’ll post a tweet out to let you know the mod has been updated and i’ll put a youtube video up to explain the changes as well as post something on here.

Bye for now! :>


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