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The WorkshopCraft Roadmap. 2016

Hi guys, i’m currently working hard to get this kick starter up and running and then i’ll be back to developing mods.  In the mean time, lots of articles are being written for the site to outline the different projects I’ve got planned.  This one is an overview.  A road map detailing and outlining  each mod I plan on writing or updating.

Better Sleeping(WIP)

This is a simple mod that allows changes the sleep mechanic.  Rather than removing the night, it will replenish how alert/awake you are.  How awake you are should work similar to hunger, with an awake bar and also a saturation bar.  E.g. sleeping in a nice bed will give you lots of waking saturation but drinking coffee will only give you short term saturation.  Sleeping is not instant.  However it will increase how fast the time updates until it’s daytime.  Probably best to add an clock/alarm clock so that players know when indoors that it’s time to get up. Different beds will give you better types of sleep. E.g. a feather pillow will give you better sleep/saturation than a hay one.

More Foods 2.0

This is one of 2 flagship mods i plan to develop the most.  The release schedule will span the whole year as I wont be able to implement everything on this list in 1 update. More Foods as of the publication of this document is about to get a 1.18 release adding a few minor things and teasing up coming content.

1.2 – The Veg Update: This is the first big update to more food.  It includes a total of 35 crops (including the 3 initial ones), a camp fire for cooking food, wooden bucket for early game farming, a watering can to help grow your crops, kaolinite – a clay like material that is used to make porcelin and trona which is used to make sodium bicarbonate (for baking) – many new food recipes are made available.  

1.3 The Fruit Update: This is update that brings fruit and fruit trees and bushes to more foods!  As well as making it possible to harvest new wood types to e.g. make simple barrels out of, you will also be able to farm fruit to make preserves, desserts and new drinks.  As well as this, i’ll be adding a press for compressing hard fruits and hopefully a couple of other useful machines to improve your culinary skills.

1.4 The Animal Update: Time to go too far with animal farming.  Making them drop joints was just a first step.  Now you will have a complete animal farming tool chain to follow.  Firstly you are going to have to harvest materials from animals yourself.  This means when animals die, they will no longer dissapear, you’ll be left with a body you can collect materials from like leather, joints, bones etc.  once you have the meat you can preserve it or cook it and then carve it.  Being able to cook food in different ways will allow you to have more food options, (e.g. fried, smoked or poached fish.

1.5 The Vegan update.  This update gives you a break from the horror of having to kill and gut those poor animals.  You’ll be able to make substitutes for MANY existing food types like chicken, milk, cream, beef, mince, sausages etc.  Soy and wheat(seitan) recipes can be labour intensive but not having to kill farm animals will totally make it worth it.

1.6 The Nutdate: This update adds a wide selection of nuts to give you more variety.  

1.7 Mechanical update: The ability to automate farming is one that many enjoy so this update gives you methods of wide spread planting growing and collecting different crops.  This update doesnt just limit itself to crops, it also gives you machines to help automate your animal husbandry practices.  Automatic milk farming, feather plucking, sheep sheering etc.

1.8 More Animals: This update adds more farmable animals including goats and turkeys.

1.9 Useless update: this update adds a bunch of useless blocks you can use to otherwise make your farms look more interesting.  Purely cosmetic blocks and placeable items that make things look nicer.

2.0 The Useful Update : This is it! Everything i can think of is in the mod except for a few minor things.  Random blocks and such that will make your farm better.  These include a food trough, a water trough, and water butt.  


This is the second mod i’ll be putting a LOT of effort into to make a flagship project.  This means that like More Foods, this mod will be getting hundreds of hours put into it, adding content and testing for balance. This is the first mod i’m working on where i’m actively animating items/blocks when doing key things.  

1.1 : This will be the first major update for alchemicraft.  I will be adding block -> item transmutation recipes, animation between block transmutations, activation/creation spells for the 2 philosopher stones i’ve created and 3 more philosopher stones added each with different themes.

1.2 : The pedistal’s that are used to create the stones now have extra uses.  Powered by the stones placed on them, the stone of the wild can be used to harvest energy from crops, the stone of the deep can be used to slowly transmute blocks into ores/resources

1.3 : The next major release for alchemicraft, you can now transfer energy from your stones into an energy storage block.  As well as storage there is also a system in place to move energy between different places using energy pylons.

1.4 : no magic mod is complete without a set of armor.  I want to take a slightly different approach.  There will be imbued armors that you can create that will give you protection and abilities but the abilities will require that you power the armor.  I’m considering a few ways to power the armors, right now i’m thinking of socketing the armor to give you the ability to plug in any philosopher’s stone, possibly some stones will be better for giving bonuses or being cheaper to power a particular set of armor.  E.g. the Stone of the Wild would be better suited for powering the Embued Leather Armor set.  

Simple Barrels

The next updates for simple barrels will add more upgrades (bigger storage, auto dropper) to your barrels for whatever needs you have.  The next major update will also include fluid tanks for storage of liquids.

Simple Pipes

A companion mod for Simple Barrels, this mod will fit in nicely with it or equally will work just as well as a stand alone mod.  The pipes are cheap and effective with a few upgrades to give you routing and sorting/filtering.  

Modern Barrels

For the sake of keeping the look and feel seperate, these barrels use different recipes and are more “advanced”.  They look different and have a different display method.  Suited for futuristic packs. There will be barrels for items/blocks and barrels for liquid storage

Simple Harvest

Next major update will add tools that allow you to quickly and efficiently harvest the crops faster while still maintaining the right click to harvest functionality

Simple Rules

The simple rules mod adds a /rules command to give you the ability to have a configurable rules response.  As well as this it displays a message upon joining the server to inform players that the mod exists and any welcome message you might have.  The next update for this mod will add more flexibility to the introduction message/rules command.  I’d like to see placeholder substitution, color coding, and random messages (e.g. each welcome message might have a different quote on the end).  

Simple Machines

This was the first mod i started to work on for 1.8.9.  It added ores and not a lot else.  I want to go back and add the machines i had planned as well as the ingots and dusts that those machines produce.  There was also plans to add recipes for bioplastics to coat cable with.

Simple Armor

The goal of this mod is simple.  To have a set of armor that gave the wearer abilities.  While using the armor special abilities you would burn through the durability. The first example was a set of boots that gave you speed I/II boost. Chest piece gives you strength, leggings give you double jump and head piece can have a few options like night vision and water breathing.

Simple Globe

This mod is a mod that I thought might be fun.  It creates an arbitary border in your world usually centered around spawn that teleports you from one side of map to other when you pass thru.  This means you have a limited size map.  The biggest problem i see is matching terrain from one side to the other.  I have a few ideas on that.  Theres also the problem that there pretty much has to be entanglement between one side of map and other with an outer nomans land that triggers the transition from one side to the other.  

Simple Dungeons (+API)

This mod is a base mod i’m going to be using to build explorable dungeons in a multiplayer setting.  The plan is to make it so that you can play this in a live stream, exploring the dungeon for treasure and defeating bosses.  There will be a scripting language so you can build custom dungeons with custom mobs/bosses etc.

Simple Interactive

A precursor to interactive dungeons, this gives you interactive support for beam in your world.

Interactive Dungeons

Built on Simple Dungeons, this will add interactive support from beam.  This means you will be able to explode a dungeon and beam viewers will be able to affect the dungeon mob generation and rewards.  This mod is geared towards Streamers

Similar to the interactive dungeons mod, this one will allow people to donate to see stuff happen to the streamer.  Custom events should keep this interesting.  I need for this to be compatible with Interactive Dungeons.


A precursor to Pay2Dungeon, this mod will allow viewers to effect your game world in annoying and trolly ways ;).


#BlameTage.  This mod adds a simple hat that allows you to place any item or block on your head.  This can already be done with a command but this mod allows you to do it without messing with /op commands


My first solo forray into Minecraft in Education.  This mod will allow users to build their own bridges.  The materials and supports etc. should work like real world bridges with all the side effects of what happens if you build the bridge wrong.

Better Husbandry

Passive mob gender. Proper “pregnancy” with mobs. When it comes time for a baby to be born, you’ll get e.g. pigs laying down and having the babies.  Pigs have litters so that will be a thing.  Feeding time for babies will also be a thing where the mum lays down and the piglets all feed from her.  Quite excited for this one as it’ll tie in quite well with more foods.


The first steps towards making a chemistry mod in minecraft.  Everything breaks down into its constituent components. By using various techniques you can create lots of cool new things.  More to come here once the other mods are done

Simple Skyblock

A partner mod to go with alchemicraft, creates a skyblock world with enough items to give you everything you need to use alchemicraft to get the rest!

Exact Spawn

Exact spawn is a very small mod that forces you to spawn exactly where your spawn point is rather than within 16 blocks to avoid deaths on a skyblock.

Simple Lighting
Adds multiple types of light to minecraft.  I know there’s a call for colored lights that light the world correctly – will look into how i can do this too.


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