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IndieGogo update and I need a new back. I mean Job.

Hi guys! The Indiegogo campaign now has a mere 16 days left before it fails.  That’s right.  The total currently stands at £35/£16200.  That is not getting funded in 2 weeks.  I have done all I can.  I’ll let the campaign end on its own. I wont extend it and i am actively searching for another job.

What this means?

I will continue to make mods.  However, due to the nature of the jobs I need to apply for, I need to update my skills.  The last time i built a website, it was normal and expected to use VBScript for an site.  These days its c#.  Something to adapt to. It will take time and training/practice.  That means less time to mod.  I know i was asking for funding to increase my hours modding.  What I should of also mentioned was that not getting funding means my availability to mod goes down.  Quite a bit.  At least until I have secured a job less stressful on my back.


The biggest stress on my back is a night shift.  This weekend I have 3.  I will be working 8 hours per shift.  That’s 2 hours more than most of my shifts. There are less staff, I’ll probably be expected to lift items that could damage the muscles in my back.  I am limited with options.  I’ve already explained the situation, the person who arranges shifts at work knows exactly how scared I am that my back will fail on a night shift.  I have 4 more to look forward to next week back to back.  I pride myself on being good with numbers. I can see the next week breaking me. badly.  I have to pay my bills. So i have to at least try and do these shifts.  If they break me then we are going to struggle.  I can’t legally/safely take pain killers at work or to get to work.  I can’t take them and then do a school run (one of the few things i really need to be able to do at moment).  I’m scared and trapped and not sure where to turn.  Writing this, its not really for any reason other than a means to vent/cope with the situation.  talking about this situation wont change the outcome of the indiegogo. It wont magically fix my shifts or my back.  I just want you guys to know that if/when it all goes sideways, i really wanted to continue streaming, I really wanted to continue making great content for you guys too.  I don’t even know if I can get another job that will be helpful for my back.  I will have to focus on trying to do so however.

love you all for all the support you’ve shown, with donations, indiegogo support, advice and being good friends.  I hope I am worthy of such a great community, sometimes I feel like i’m not.  You guys help pick me back up again.

I also want to say something about my wife.  She’s pregnant, 19 weeks 3 days.  We had the 20 week scan today to check for any problems. Everything looks GOOD.  I just want to take a moment to thank her for her support over the last 2 years.  My back was tolerable until a month ago, now its just a weakened mess.  She’s been there.  She knows as well as I do how stressful this is.  We need money coming in.  If my back completely fails we wont have enough money coming in, so the pain i go through. The pain i am feeling right now, from the moment I wake until the moment i flop into bed is for her, my 2 boys and our unborn child.  Because I need to provide for them and I love them all very much.  I’m doing everything I can and i’m afraid, right now that soon, it wont be enough anymore.

Thanks for reading this if you got this far. 😉

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