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Tristan Update!

As promised, here is the update on our new born son.

Tristan was born late January. His mum was suffering with gestational diabeties and had a lot of fluid in the sac. The decision was made to deliver him a few days early to avoid a natural birth so we could be in the delivery suite just in case something went wrong. This was started Thursday and finished Friday. The most likely complication due to the extra fluid is when the waters broke, the force of all that fluid coming out would pull the baby down the birth canal and if the cord was between baby and canal, that could cause the baby to become stuck and cut off the oxygen supply to Tristan.

We were concerned but the midwifes and doctors on that evening were amazing. Tristan was born with no real issues, he had a full head of jet black hair and we are both very happy with him. Within 2 days, we were ready to head home. We packed every thing up, went home and spent the next few days enjoying our baby.

We both noticed a little shortness of breath after a feed and on the Thursday, we started having trouble getting milk into him. We called Alice(our trainee Midwife, who also delivered Tristan), and she came round to see what was up and noticed that Tristan had a prominent Stridor. Stridor is a type of breathing that focuses less on the lungs and more on the diaphram. Instead of feeling like you were expanding or contracting your lungs, imagine it looks like your trying to expand and contract your lungs from your diaphram. His rib cage at this stage is still very flexible so it bends noticeably when he breaths with Stridor.

Due to how serious this could be (shortness of breath, struggling eating) he was taken into hospital in an ambulance with his mum and I followed in the car. Tristan had to be tube fed for the next month on and off. he had a multitude of tests done, After several days of tests and some exploratory operations, he was diagnosed with laryngomalasia. This is a malformation of the larynx where the valve that regulates flow between the lungs, stomach and throat is floppy and can cause problems breathing and reflux during and after feeds. We have to feed him more often and be careful afterwards that he doesn’t bring it back up. He has regular doses of gaviscon and omiprazole for the reflux, This can also be a challenge to get into him.

Tristan spent a month in hospital with his mum. I spent that time home with the 2 boys and taking trips every 2-3 days to keep mum supplied with clean clothes and whatever food/drink she needed. Mum missed Harrison’s 10th birthday. We both missed valentines. We did what we could. During this time I was also doing my assignments and getting them in for my degree. Tristan had a number of different procedures including a swallow test (I had something similar involving a barium milkshake. horrible).

One key test that was late but eventually done was his hearing test. Unfortunately, he has also been diagnosed with hearing loss similar to his brother who has a mixed moderate hearing loss. A couple of weeks ago, Tristan received his hearing aids. He is doing really well with his hearing aids. All things considered, he is an incredibly calm, happy little baby with a cheeky little smile when ever he sees us. Despite all the tests, he is still happy, and if he is happy, then so are we.

Hope this helps explain the situation that’s been going on, I know I’ve posted a few things on twitter etc. but this is my first attempt to put into words what we have been through in the last 3-4 months.

I’d just like to thank the nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, consultants, etc. for looking after Tristan. With out you, he would not be here right now! <3

Thank you if you have been reading this far 🙂

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