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(Possibly not safe for work? Adult topic)Minor Op!

Hello again, I have been keeping myself busy.  Tristan is now almost 7 months old now and we are moved into a new 3 bedroom home.  Its been very busy the last month or so.  The topic of this blog post is not horrible, I wasn’t in any danger but my younger audience should stop reading now, you don’t need to know about this sort of thing until you grow up. 🙂

No really, this is grown up talk about operations and stuff.  Come back when I post about Minecraft or something? <3

This is our current situation,  We have 3 children now, all boys.  2 of them are deaf.  It would be irresponsible for us to have any further children.  Even if we ignore the fact we have 3 boys, there is still the issue of 2 of our children having a (likely) genetic predisposition to deafness, so after conversations with my wife about the situation, it was decided it was far safer and easier if I were to have the snip(aka a vasectomy).

Its a simple operation.  The doctor injects you down stairs with a local anesthetic and cuts a tiny (5mm) hole and then locates the 2 tubes that deliver semen from your testes.  They are then cauterized(cut with heat) which seals the ends of the tubes and after 3 months you should be unable to reproduce \o/.

There are various problems that can occur and unfortunately last week during my operation I ran into one.  The swelling got so bad they could not continue.  This is why I’m in so much discomfort at the moment.  That and the fact I can’t take anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen.

I wanted to write about this because I feel like its important topic to cover.  At some point I will need to go back and have the operation again with another consultant and I don’t know how that will turn out but I intend to still go through with it even though its regularly feeling like a kick to the groin area.  The only other option would be for my wife to go through an operation and that would be a far more serious operation than the one I’ve had.  I hope to keep this updated.  I think its really important that even though I am not having the best experience, if you’ve had your kids and don’t intend to have any more it might give you peace of mind to at least look into the procedure.

I may also move family related posts to another site to keep them seperate but for now this is what I have so for now keep an eye out! most of my posts I link to on twitter.