Custom Game Development

The Elevator Pitch

So you have a great idea for a game? You know how you want it to look? You know what sort of style the game has. You've got an idea what mechanics you want to see. You might have even come up with a plot for the game. You don't know how to develop games though. Maybe you want to build something to help promote your streaming platform. Maybe you want something to play with friends.

What do you do?

What do you do? I am offering a bespoke service to implement game designs. I am limiting myself to 50 hour monthly slots spread over a month. Each slot includes 50 hours of developmentment time and includes regular prototypes and updates on your project. Many game ideas can be completed in this time window. Bigger projects are also possible by booking multiple slots.

What can I make?

Well I am limited only by our collective imaginations. I am currently specialising in 2d platform or top down games that make use of tile systems and particle engines. That doesn't mean we can't explore 3D/VR options, it just means its outside my area of experience at the moment. As the service progresses, this will definitely change. If you want to pay an artist to create the artwork for your game then you can bring your own artist on board or I can recruit one for you. If art is not your main concern then I can produce artwork to a standard that while is not the next Stardew Valley, will certainly allow you to release a complete game.

What do you get?

You get a game. You get the source code. You get the game compiled for 1 platform. You get all art assets. Localisation to other platforms can be offered on a case by case basis. It really depends on how much time is left at the end of the development cycle as to wether we can fit another platform in. You get to do whatever you want with the game. You can sell it. You can put it on steam. The preference is that I am able to promote this service using projects created for it. If this is not ideal then we can arrange an NDA.
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