More Foods

More Foods

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1.8, 1.9, 1.10.2
Workshopcraft and Tage
The supporters who helped make this mod possible and JPRocket and KiwiMango over on mixer for their support and suggestions. Tage for helping improving art quality.

More foods was born out of a need for a half decent food mod back in 1.8. When first released, players had gotten used to Pams Harvestcraft and this was not available until several months later. In the meantime a few mods popped up that tried to fill the void but none of them were any where near as complex as harvestcraft. I was streaming at the time and wanted a food mod in 1.8 so I decided to build one. I didn't want to copy the other mods out there and I knew I couldn't compete with the dozens and dozens of crops nor the even greater variety of meals that could be produced. I decided to pick a few crops to add. They needed to complement each other. I wanted to look at a different way of balancing food. I researched various options. In the end I decided to implement 3 crops. Lettuce, Tomato and onion. This would allow me to make a lot of different meals. I also decided to make a simple recipe for cheese by cooking milk, and another for salt that required cooking water.

Future Plans :

There are plans for a brand new version to be released with 10x the crops and all 3d animated models. This is a massive undertaking and is slow going. I will continue to work on this but right now all I have are screenshots of some of the new models and features (like a wooden bucket). The next step will be to make a release with the original crops with the new 3D models and then release new crops as the models are complete. As you can see, the models look great! I can't wait to get all the new crops into more foods

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