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More Foods

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AtomicBlom and Workshopcraft
AtomicBlom and Workshopcraft
The ModJam 5 Team for running modjam and AtomicBlom for collaborating on a fun project.

During the Jam Machine I felt I would not have enough time to build a mod of my own and AtomicBlom felt the same so we combined our forces and worked on this together. I didn't contribute as much as I would have liked to this mod as I was quite ill this weekend but I did contribute some models and the concept of a physical interface that turned out really nicely.

Future Plans :

I plan to return to this mod and implement the cables. We made a start on them but I was a little too hopefull on the complexity of the model with blockstates so it wasn't finished. We also have a controller block that can control multiple sequencers connected directly or via cable.

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