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Professional Update of professionalism

Good morning! its currently late on Thursday morning and I’ve logged into the site after not even looking at it for months and its time to turn this site into somewhere I can keep useful links about the projects i’m working on all together.  This is important to me because its time I started organising things a little better.  Before I can do that of course, I have a few bits of news to share with everyone!

  1. I am no longer working at McDonalds! This is great news! my back is much more manageable. I’ve not been on prescription pain killers for 18 months!
  2. I am studying for a foundation degree in computing.  This means web design, java, business stuff.  I am coping with most of it, but there are a few topics where i’m actually having to exersize my brain.
  3. I have several mods on curseforge now.  The biggest is Simple Barrels.  Last time I looked (a few days ago) it was at around 1.17 million downloads.  That’s right.  over a million.  Its NUTS.
  4. I just released BeimCraft 2.0.  Its missing a couple of minor features but those will be addressed, they needed it for this week.  I’m going to write a reflective piece on what went wrong and what went right for this project to see how the experience can be used to produce better work.
  5. I’m actively researching all the technology I need to understand in order to get an interactive stream working on beam.  Beam is microsoft’s streaming platform of choice they bought last year.  Its pretty awesome and I’m a big fan.  Many of the friends i’ve made in the community either work for beam, are partnered streamers or stream on there for fun.  They are all awesome people.  I’ve had this interactive idea for months and now that Interactive 2.0 is available I can finally make some headway with the project.  Should be a lot of fun!
  6. I’m looking for someone to partner with on a project.  One of the things I know I need to improve is working with others – all the projects I’ve worked on in the past have been solo projects.
  7. I’m actively working for development work. I’m flexible and open minded. Also due to being a first year uni student, i’m cheap too!
  8. As (yet another) side project, i’m looking at how to implement server side plugins for large scale servers.  The aim is to be able to create content like hypixel and wynncraft.  That is a long way off obviously but its on my list of things to do!
  9. I’m waiting for the minecraft windows 10 edition API to drop for modding using C#.  When it does, I want to start to produce content for the Minecraft Marketplace.

For those wondering, my wife had a 9 pound baby boy back in January and he is called Tristan.  There will be a seperate post about that 😉

More to come!



aka WorkshopCraft

Stream Schedule Week 5-11-16

Just so you guys have a heads up, i’m going to be streaming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the week beginning 5-11-16 between 10am-2pm, I would also be streaming on the Friday but we have our second scan – Baby is close to being half way! Only 5 months to go. If we are done early enough, i will likely pop on for a shorter stream to share the scan picture etc. Streams this week will likely be preparing updates for several mods. Bonus streams will be announced on twitter so be sure to follow me on there too.

IndieGoGo is GoGo!

The IndieGoGo campaign is now live! I’m super excited and I hope you are too.  Over the next month i’ll be live streaming to show the kind of work i’ll be doing and show off the up coming content.  I’m also working in a full time job so until this campaign is fully funded I cant take steps to change that.  After being knocked back by kickstarter, i’m super excited to make this campaign work so start spreading the news! go! go! go! 😛

Simple Barrels Update 31-07-2016

Hi guys, i’m currently working hard on making these mods as fast as i can but its the summer holidays so my 2 boys are currently at home.  The plan is to educate them in the ways of the gamedev so they can create their own games.  ANYWAY.  There was a big bugfix update for Simple Barrels a yesterday and thought i’d better let you guys know – it addresses several bugs including losing items from a barrel when its broken and a nasty duplication glitch.  The mod now has compatibility with Quark by Vaskii.  As always if anyone finds any more bugs, let me know – i cant fix them if i dont know about them.  :).

Have a good day, i’m going to be streaming for the rest of the day over on beam so come and join me!  Starting shortly.

Simple Barrels Update 16-7-16

Hey guys, just a quick update here, yesterday i felt like simple barrels was getting close to being ready for the FTB guys to at least take a look at it and see what they think. The upshot is they like it, and will be putting the mod into the FTB Unstable modpack over on curseforge early next week! So keep an eye out over on curseforge for the update (should be some time tuesday hopefully) and i’ll be sure to let everyone know when I see it.

I’m super excited and having a few days to polish things a little, i’m going to go ahead and see if i can implement the upgrades system.  This will make it easier to make early game barrels but still have the nice features the barrels have for later on in the game(e.g. tracking contents when you’ve been to the nether and got some quartz). I am also going to TRY and add reskinning items that allow you to modify any barrel so it has the finish of another barrel (e.g. so you can change an oak barrel into a forestry teak barrel).  I want players to have flexibility with the barrels but maintain balance.  At the same time I am also going to give modpack creators the power to modify the balance and features available.  As always i’ll post a tweet out to let you know the mod has been updated and i’ll put a youtube video up to explain the changes as well as post something on here.

Bye for now! :>


Ports and More Foods 1.2

So i recently realised I’m missing a few ports for various mods. namely a 1.10.2 release of more foods and a 1.9.4 release for simple barrels. Moving forwards, unless i get enough people asking, i’ll be dropping support for 1.8.x. We can concentrate on 1.9/1.10 and focus more on new content rather than duplicating existing content. Will continue to work towards a 1.2 release for more foods but may cut a few things out to get the release out sooner. We shall see. I have put up a poll on twitter to see what everyone thinks on the subject.

Have a think and let me know via the poll.

speak again soon,



Hello and welcome to my site.  This site is here to allow me to publish the mods i develop as well as any games I create.  I am a creator, and I love to make things for people to play with.  I stream a lot of development work over on and it’s there that you can check out the up coming mods and updates i’m working on.  I hope you enjoy the site.  I will be looking into possibly hosting my mods on here as a second place to download my mods from but for now, check out to see my current published works.  Back soon!


aka workshopcraft